Dry Dock wins black sky award

16 February 2024

The new exterior light upgrade at the historic Lyttelton Dry Dock has been recognised nationally with two top awards.

The Black Sky Highly Commended Award from the Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand for protecting the night environment, and the
Lighting Design Award – Highly Commended from IESANZ.

LPC Senior Project Manager Hannah Fyffe said the lighting upgrade had exceeded the project team’s expectations.

“All those who work at the dock have expressed positive feedback.”

“From the moment the first light was commissioned, it was clear the upgrade would make a massive
difference to the community and people who work in and around the dock”, said Hannah Fyffe.

“There is uniform, consistent, focused lighting”, she added.


Justin Evans, the Senior Electrical Engineer at Pederson Read, said all those who work at the dock have
expressed their positive feedback, saying it’s “amazing and a vast improvement”.

“Lights are grouped and adjusted so some are brighter, whereas others are dimmed to best suit the range of
operational activities,” said Justin Evans.

“The teams working on the dock floor at night no longer work in dark spots and shadows”, he added.

“We have been able to dim the lights at night when just pedestrian access is required by the ship’s crew but can turn up when work is underway during the dark winter mornings and evenings.”

The local fishing vessel operators also appreciate the change when bringing vessels in from the sea.

The nearby residents have also benefitted from the upgrade, with the change from tilted lights producing
glare and spill to sustainable and directional lighting that points where it’s needed and not where it isn’t.

The move from halogen to LED also provides benefits in terms of the warmth of colour but is more sustainable and energy efficient.